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Please read the user guide to learn how to choose products and how to put them in the basket.
(The user guide is available here)

  • Step 1: Shopping basket

    You can choose + or - to change the quantity of a product, or you can choose delete to completely remove the product from the basket. If some of the products are not in stock, a button will be enabled where you can select part delivery.

    It will be possible to read about our condition for buying by clicking the "condition" button.

    When you are satisfied with the selected products you can click on the order button.


  • Step 2: Customer-information

    You are now required to type your customer information. To make it easier the system will pre fill some of the fields in advance, based on the information you typed under the top menu "Logout" and "My information". (If you want to change these information, you will have to be logged in to enable the menu item)

    You then choose the desired payment option in the list on the bottom of the page, then click next to proceed to the next step.


  • Step 3: Order confirmation and credit cards payment

    A confirmation page will not be shown If you did not choose credit card payment. The page will detail the previous selections and information supplied. If anything is not correct, you are able to press the cancel button, and you will be taken back, where you can fix the error. You can also use your browsers back button.

    If you have chosen credit card payment, you will be transferred to the payment service. You will be able to see an icon of a lock in your browser. This indicates that a secure SSL connection has been established, and all communication between your computer and the payment service is encrypted, to archive the highest level of security possible.

    If the items and amount shown is correct according to what you want to purchase, then you can press the accept button and the purchase will be completed, if your credit card is not denied by the payment service, due to a misspelling in either credit card number, credit card holder name, expiry date or CVC.

  • Step 4: Result

    You will now be transferred to a result page, where you will be able to see if the purchase was completed successfully. Or if there were any errors processing your purchase, they will be displayed here.

    If the purchase was completed successfully, an order confirmation will be send by email, to the address specified under your "My information" page.
    Please make sure to verify that the email address is correct and able to receive mail. 

    When you have received the order confirmation it is suggested, to print it out for later use. If you should need to contact us, all information needed will be present on the order confirmation.